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Did You Know?

Unpasteurised milk can be bought at around 150 farms in England & Wales   -   the countryside's best kept secret!  Around 15% of these stock organic herds which provide the caviar of milk!

Unpasteurised milk can now be bought at farmers' markets, such as Notting Hill and Borough in London, and a very few micro producers in remote areas are now permitted to sell to their local shops.

All unpasteurised milk in England & Wales comes from pasture fed cows on low intensive or organic farming regimes.

No one has caught TB from drinking licensed, unpasteurised milk for over half a century because the health tests are so strict now.

25% of vitamin C is lost through pasteurisation, and the more the milk is heat treated the more vitamins are lost.

Homogenisation has been shown to aggravate bowel disorders. 

Many people who thought they were allergic to milk can drink raw, untreated milk.

The more milk is heat treated the more its taste deteriorates.

95% of traditionally pasteurised British milk with cream on the top comes from pasture fed cows.