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What the Supermarkets have done to our Milk

If you beamed back in time 10 years and walked into a supermarket, the milk shelves would seem quite bare with nothing like the choice of processed milk that is available today, but most of the cartons or bottles of full cream, semi-skimmed or Channel Island milk would have been UNhomogenised.  That is, there would have been cream on the top of them.  It was standard practice to shake the bottle or decant the cream for puddings etc.

Without any notice to the milk-buying public, all the major supermarkets started homogenising their milk.  When asked why, the answer given was: "That's what the consumer wants".  Actually, the consumer was never asked!  The more milk is heat treated the longer it lasts.  "High pasteurisation" was becoming the norm and the few seconds extra of heating at a slightly higher temperature was creating a more solid clot on the cream, and homogenisation made the liquid flow more smoothly.  It's impossible to find any milk with cream on the top in any of the big four supermarkets now, except occasionally Channel Island which has been renamed "breakfast" milk and, possibly unlawfully, copyrighted as "Gold Top".

The Campaign for Real Milk is committed to persuading the supermarkets to start re-stocking whole milk with cream on the top.  We need YOUR help to make sure our favourite British drink isn't ruined for ever.  Britain is alone in Western Europe in drinking fresh milk as a priority; let's keep it that way and let's keep it real!


Real Milk is milk with the cream on the top. 

It can be unpasteurised (also known as untreated or raw) and is available from licensed farms in England and Wales (not Scotland).

It can be pasteurised and is available in certain shops, from most small dairies, and (at the time of writing) from Dairy Crest, Britain's main doorstep deliverer.

Fresh homogenised, UHT (Long Life) and non-dairy is NOT real milk.