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Who & What We Are

The Campaign for Real Milk was set up in 1997 by producers and consumers to fight the British Government's proposed ban on sales of unpasteurised or "green top" milk.  Led by consumer Richard Copus, a real ale fan and coiner of the phrase, and Sir Julian Rose of the Association of Unpasteurised Milk Producers and Consumers, the campaign proved a resounding success.  For a product drunk by less than a tenth of a per cent of the population, Richard and Julian received front page press coverage and took part in a number of interviews on primetime national tv and radio.   With 95% of those who wrote in voting against a ban, the Government had to give in and it was a victory for consumer choice and common sense.

13 years later and with unpasteurised milk sales extended to farmers' markets in the big cities and micro producers able to sell to village shops, the right to drink raw milk appears to be secured for those in England and Wales.  But consumers must remain on their guard.  The officers of the health police who tried so hard to make many people's favourite drink illegal are still out there.  The same officials tried, again unsuccessfully, to use devolution to secure a ban in Wales a few years ago.  Some of the old hierachy will not rest until they have their way.

Now, in 2010, we have resurrected the Campaign for Real Milk to ensure that no Government can again ban the consumption of one of nature's most natural substances AND to fight the trend towards homogenised and Long Life (UHT) milk.